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Your Future...Your Happiness!

I am Renewed, Refreshed, and Reborn into a ‘Yummy’ new world.

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like spontaneous combustion
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Now at sheepinbox, fyi.

being operatic, binging on graham crackers, birds singing andy griffith, burning 'fros, cold raspberry chai, crap & bunnies, downing citrus shots, interpretive scarf dancing, jimmy!!!! :o, lemming/llama llove, lemon dasani, mada mada in hebrew, night-o, owl/apple conspiracy theories, pick peck pickled peppers, rainbow induced seizures, ryoma-stache, schoolhouse rock-- starring gollum, sucking at technology, the brib/mystic corn company, the joy of jdramatization, theirloveissocaffeinated, trash the gazelle, you-did-make-fun-of-her-interests, π-mpui

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